United Nations
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Nigel Garvey - United Nations Volunteers
United Nations
Volunteering Matters
Focused around international volunteer day, The United Nations Volunteer programme aimed to mobilise volunteers around the world. Small World Stories, architects of the campaign, ask Glow Labs to build and create the Volunteering Matters site.
The spotlight for this campaign was accessibility and minimum barrier to entry. Glow Labs focused on building the microsite around photography and Flickr. The Volunteering Matters campaign is now underway and has already engaged thousands of people by showing why volunteering matters through an innovative mix of social media and video production.
 Glow Labs team rocks! 
Nigel Hiller-Garvey - IVD Multimedia Manager
United Nations
Project: Share the story
To be part of a social media campaign aimed at inspiring thousands to end poverty and engage users during a 24-hour film festival run and designed by Small World Stories.
An online platform was created and as part of this campaign, and featured on the UNV Facebook page (which was also created for the campaign). Within a day of its launch, almost 3,000 people had connected. Glow Labs has also created an interactive display which will allow employees in all of the UN’s global offices to follow the Facebook discussion on their screens during the 24 hour film festival.
 The world of social media is changing so fast. Glow Labs guided us through what seemed an impenetrable maze to develop a social media presence that we are really proud of and that is now an essential part of our outreach to our volunteers and supporters. They gave us creative ideas and practical solutions. Without these the launch of our social media efforts would have been far less effective. 
Elisabeth Hiller - UNV Communications Advisor
United Nations
Project: UNDP Blog
To create a new blog for UNDP in Somalia.
During this active time in Somalia for the UNDP, Glow Labs focused on simplicity. We created a blog that’s simple to maintain by the UN staff.
 Glow Labs team rocks! 
Nigel Hiller-Garvey - IVD Multimedia Manager