Why join the guys at Glow?

We asked the team, and got a plethora of responses. Many pointed out beer Fridays, the complementary Nerf and the occasional home made baked goods. Another describes us as “A creative, youthful culture that fosters innovation and creativity”.

When talking about working with each other; collaboration, helping each other out and being supported came up the most along with he international team and mix of personalities – “I like the team, we are young, experienced and talented with a dynamic perspective to solve”.

 Music and strong coffee that keeps you always uplifted 

Based between the commons, the office always feels sunny and lots of great bars and restaurants nearby.
“Clapham is a nice place and it is so easy to get It’s great to get an opportunity to work with Team Glow Labshere, it so close to the station..”.
“Well, the office it is a nice place, it is definitely a place I like to work in”

 Love what you do? Here you have a voice; you make part of the whole 
We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

Is it you? send CV's to jobs@glowlabs.co.uk