We are focused on solving your problems in the most beautiful and creative way

Transparency, integrity and collaboration form the basis of our relationships.  We have a talented in-house team creating innovative websites, platforms, mobile apps, social media campaigns and digital strategies; where functionality, intuitive design and user experiences are at the heart of our approach to execution.

Whether your challenges are around customer acquisition, online positioning, engaging with communities and customers, building brand awareness, traffic generation or establishing a new online venture, Glow Labs will work with you to create the most elegant digital solution.

We are a team with over 12 years technical experience and a host of award-winning work, having gained IVCA, BIMA, Revolution, Peabody and BAFTA awards. Our approachable team consists of talented creatives, designers and innovative developers.

Our services include:

Website Design & Build, Online Campaigns, Social Media Strategy & Execution

Video Production, Mobile Apps & Digital Strategy

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